Why Women Love to Date Men in the Military

Women love a man in uniform, this is a well-known fact. There's something so irresistible about a military man in uniform, but there are a lot of other reasons why women love military men too.

Firstly, military men tend to be very protective. They are trained to fight and defend their country and you won't feel safer anywhere else than you will in his arms. He'll be sure to put anyone who disrespects you in their place and to keep you safe from all harm. Military men aren't just all brawn though, they're also some of the most caring people you'll ever be with. This is because they've experienced human suffering and pain firsthand and they know the value of compassion and kindness. The stereotype of the loud, brash military man is not nearly as common as the emotionally sensitive and wise military man.

Military men know the value of friendship since they've spent their careers on a battlefield relying on friends to protect their lives and doing the same for them. He will have a strong bond with all of his friends and that includes you. You won't just have a boyfriend, you'll have a friend that genuinely cares about you on a personal level and that will be there to support you emotionally as well.

While it isn't always the case, military men tend to be old school in the sense that they still believe in chivalry. He will open your doors, pull out your chairs and walk on the outside of the sidewalk to protect you from any dangers from the road. These may seem like little insignificant gestures, but it's these small moments that add up. He'll also usually adhere to old school beliefs when it comes to traditional gender roles. He'll want to fix the appliances and do the heavy lifting around the house, while you can melt his heart by making him a home-cooked meal. It makes sense for him to do the heavy lifting anyway, since he's a lot stronger than the average man with his military training.

There's no way to determine why this is true, but military guys are almost always great with kids. You'll be able to rest assured that he'll be a great dad if you ever decide to have kids together. He'll also impress your family since he'll be able to play with all your nieces and nephews and fit right in.

Speaking of family, your family will most likely love him. Military guys have respect trained into him and he'll make a big impression on your dad, especially if your dad has been in the military as well. Overall, there are many reasons for women to love men in uniform.