Things to Know About Dating a Nurse

If you're a regular member of uniformed dating sites on the search for your very own nurse boyfriend or girlfriend, you should read on and learn a little more about the realities of dating someone who has chosen to wear the uniform of a nurse for their life's work.

One of the big reasons people give for wanting to date a nurse is that they think this nurse will be like their own personal caretaker. The reality is that nurses see so many injuries and illnesses daily, that your cold or a slight cut on the finger will seem like no big deal to them and they'll brush it off with simple solutions. Cut your finger in the kitchen? They won't rush you to the hospital or clean out your wound for you. Instead, they won't even get up from the couch when they tell you to run it under some water and use superglue to fix it (this really works for small cuts, by the way).

Their work colleagues are their closest friends. Nurses spend a lot of hours at work under a lot of stress, so it makes sense that they'd bond with the people who are spending those twelve hour shifts with them. Your partner will most likely be spending more time talking to their work friends than they will talking to you, and that's okay. What else are they supposed to do on those twelve hours shifts?

Their schedules will differ from yours greatly. If you dream of a life where you and your partner leave together for work in the morning, come home around the same time and make dinner together before going to bed, dating a nurse is out of the question for you. Most of the time, your schedules will be completely opposite from each other. In most cases, your partner will be getting home when you leave for work and vice versa. If you're unable to deal with these hours, dating a nurse is not for you.

If you're a coffee lover, you're in luck. With twelve hour night shifts, your nurse partner will have an intense love affair with coffee to keep them going. Walking into a nurse's kitchen sometimes feels like walking into a coffee shop since they will have five different machines and contraptions to make coffee, a whole cabinet full of coffee flavors and syrups and gadgets that you've probably never even heard of in your life. On the bright side, the coffee will help you to stay awake as well when you're up all night waiting for them to come home from a long night shift when you just can't sleep without them there.